• Q: Do you have loan equipment available?
    • A: We do have a few loan equipment for selected models. Loan equipment is subject to availability and a charge will be made to cover freight costs. Please contact our service administrator on +251913792900, with details of your unit make, model, fault and urgency for further details.

  • Q: Where do I get new batteries, pads or other consumables from?
    • A: Please contact YTS customer services on +251913792900 who can supply these for you. If we do not stock your item, we can certainly advise where it can be obtained.

  • Q: How often do defibrillators need servicing?
    • A: This depends on the model you have and your organisations Risk Management policy. Please contact our service administrator on +251913792900, or info@ytspharm.com with your model details and we can advise the manufacturers recommendations.